42 Positive Affirmations for Depression

Depression can hit anyone. While there is situational depression, depression can happen at any time. It doesn’t matter if life is going well for you or not. It’s a tough beast to slay, and it can require a combination of medication, therapy, and meditation. I have that third part covered. Here are some positive affirmations for depression.

Here are 42 positive affirmations for depression to help when the going gets tough.

Affirmations for Situational Depression

Sometimes, life gets us depressed. We live in troubling times, after all. You can also feel depression if there’s been a change in your life. Even something positive, like moving out of your parents’ house, can be bittersweet. Here are some affirmations.

  1. It’s okay for me to cry over what is going on. There is no shame in it.
  2. Once I let out my sadness, it’s time to look at my situation critically and see what I can do.
  3. Can I control my situation? Then it’s time to make change. Is it beyond my control? Then I need to stop worrying about it.
  4. Why does this situation make me depressed? Facing the reasons why can help with how I feel.
  5. This situation is only temporary. It will soon pass, and I can look back and laugh.
  6. I need to get my mind off it. Is there anything I can do to help with that?
  7. I should go take a walk. Enjoy the fresh air and keep my mind off my worries for a little while.
  8. Is there anyone I can talk to for this situational depression? I should realize that there is no shame in talking to a loved one if I need a little help.
  9. My situation will only improve. I can do this. I am in control of my own destiny.
  10. For not, I should stop worrying about my situation. Instead, I’m going to take a nap and get some sleep.
  11. I am going to take care of myself and make the most out of this situation.

Affirmations for Chronic Depression

Sometimes, we get depression for seemingly no reason at all. Here are some more positive affirmations for depression.

  1. I will get through this. This depression is only my mind being mean to me.
  2. It’s okay for me to feel sad for no reason. The human mind works like that.
  3. I need to keep to a routine. That can distract me and prevent the depression from worsening.
  4. I don’t seem to enjoy my hobbies anymore. Why not try to find some new hobbies? Surely variety will make me happier.
  5. I need to be mindful. Don’t focus on the past or present, but instead bask in the little things around me.
  6. When I’m depressed, I may not get much sleep, or sleep too much at all. This is normal. I should stop worrying about sleep.
  7. There are people who want to help me. I should reach out to a loved one so I can realize that I’m not alone.
  8. It’s okay for me to take medication for this. It does not make me any weaker, but instead shows I am willing to fight this.
  9. I am going to look at my episodes and see if there are any triggers. That can help me reduce my episodes next time.
  10. If I keep feeling depressed, I am going to speak to a therapist. There is no shame in me doing so.

Affirmations for Seasonal Depression

Sometimes, depression is caused by the weather. It is commonly associated with winter, but it can happen any season. If you have the case of the winter blues, or the summertime blues, here are some more positive affirmations for depression to use.

  1. Just like the seasons pass, so will my seasonal depression.
  2. I need to go out and get some more light. This can make me feel better during the winter.
  3. I’m going to go out and take a walk. Even if it’s cold, it can make me feel happier.
  4. It’s okay for me to stay indoors and relax if I don’t like the weather. I may open up some windows to let the light in.
  5. I don’t have to feel great during summer. Not everyone loves the heat.
  6. It’s okay that I didn’t do everything I wanted for the summer. I can do these things any day of the year.
  7. Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean that my adventures have to be. No use crying over it.
  8. I shouldn’t overthink the holidays. They are a time for celebration, not for stressing over gifts.
  9. Winter lasts a long time, and that’s okay. It’s time to do some things I like that are winter friendly.
  10. It’s not me, it’s Mother Nature!
  11. It’s that time of the year, and while I am sad I know I can overcome it.

Affirmations for Postpartum Depression

Having a child can feel amazing, but it’s common to feel depression afterwards. Here are some affirmations to tackle that.

  1. My hormones have changed. This is temporary.
  2. I may feel sad now, but it’s worth it for my beautiful baby.
  3. I deserve a day to myself. No shame in that.
  4. Remember, this depression doesn’t last long.
  5. It’s okay for me to get help. It doesn’t make me a weak parent.
  6. I’m going to do something that makes me happy today with my kid.
  7. My child’s smile beats any depression.
  8. I may go see a doctor if this doesn’t clear up.
  9. I went through a tough pregnancy. It’s okay for me to not feel 100 percent yet.
  10. I’m going to spend my free time doing something I enjoy.


And there you have it. Obviously, depression is tough and you’re going to need more than affirmations, but it is a good start and can boost your self esteem. By reciting these 42 positive affirmations for depression to yourself, practicing meditation, and being mindful of your surroundings, you can defeat depression. Also, don’t be afraid to seek help for your depression, too.

We hope this helped. If you still need some help The Biorhythm is a great one to consider too along with these other positive affirmations for depression. These will give you some personal insight into your body and how it functions for you.

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Written by Sarah White

Sara White is the author of PositiveAffirmationsly and she’s been using affirmations for many years. She’s an avid fan of affirmations and has written many pieces on the power of affirmations. She studies the power of affirmations and the Law of Attraction, and has helped many people understand why positive affirmations work, and how to use them.

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