42 Positive Affirmations for Women – The Ultimate List

Positive Affirmations for Women

From work pressures to family commitments, women all over the world are facing countless demands and stresses these days. In our quest to juggle all our personal and professional responsibilities, we often neglect self-care and then gradually start doubting our inner beauty and abilities.

However, the fact is that women of all ages need to take a break and engage in regular self-care to keep themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. The best form of self-care is utilizing positive affirmations in your life. Affirmations are one of the easiest yet most powerful means of transforming your life via positive thoughts.

Here is a list of 42 affirmations for staying positive and conquering all your responsibilities like a confident queen you already are:

Positive Affirmations for Self-Esteem for Women

There are so many people in this world who will try their best to shatter your confidence. Do not let them get to you. Remember, those people don’t matter at all. You are strong enough to train your mind and improve your self-confidence and self-esteem to ensure your growth in all aspects of your life.

Here are some affirmations that will help boost your self-esteem:

  1. My body is my temple, where I am in peace.
  2. I am in love with my true self right now.
  3. I am beautiful inside out.
  4. I am a strong, independent, and brave woman.
  5. My self-love grew a little more today.
  6. Looking in the mirror, I see a brave woman who has gracefully survived all hurdles and won’t back down.
  7. I proudly wear my scars and refuse to back down from achieving my goals.
  8. Today, I am taking another step to turn my dreams into reality.
  9. Failure doesn’t define me. It is a learning opportunity for me to improve and get better.
  10. My body never ceases to amaze me with its strength and beauty.
  11. I deserve the right love and support.
  12. I choose to prioritize myself. It is not a selfish act, but an act of self-love.
  13. I accept my imperfections and make them my strength.
  14. I am my own person and I don’t need anyone’s validation

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Positive Affirmations for Success for Women

Whether you aspire to be a partner at a law firm, a thriving engineer, a bestselling novelist, a successful entrepreneur, and/or be a badass mother, you have the potential to tackle all the hurdles that life throws at you and achieve success.

Here are some affirmations to help you meet your goals:

  1. I exude renewed confidence each day to manage tasks and move closer to attaining my ultimate goal.
  2. I have become a stronger woman, not just for others, but for myself.
  3. No goal is unachievable for me.
  4. I continuously seek opportunities to grow. I improve a little every day of my life.
  5. I have become a better and more successful woman than I was last year.
  6. I accept and adapt to the changes that come my way, without losing sight of my goals.
  7. I let go of things and people that are a negative influence on my life. I refuse to let anyone or anything hold me back.
  8. I am not afraid to ask for what I deserve.
  9. I accept the mistakes I make, learn from them, and alter my action plan accordingly to grow stronger and more successful.
  10. I learn from all the failures and hardships that come my way, but refuse to give up.
  11. I commit to living my ideal life, whether or not people support me.
  12. Today, I will take the first step to make my dream happen, and success will come to me.
  13. I refuse to change my hopes, dreams and ambitions just because they are inconvenient for others or don’t confine to their societal expectations of me.
  14. I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone to boost my skills.

Positive Affirmations for Women

Positive Affirmations for Women Healing

Years of negative self-talk or criticism from others can make us suffer both emotionally and mentally. You need to heal from such negativity, or a trauma or event that has left you exhausted and broken. Forgive yourself and start the healing process right now.

These affirmations will help you get started in rewiring your brain and become mentally and emotionally stronger:

  1. I accept my strengths and weaknesses and choose to love and respect myself.
  2. I have the right to be happy.
  3. I am giving it my best and it’s all that matters.
  4. I am enough.
  5. I am deserving of all the good that happens in my life.
  6. I have a lot to offer this world.
  7. Today, I make a vow to treat myself with kindness.
  8. I recognize compassion, strength and wisdom within me.
  9. I celebrate even the smallest of wins.
  10. I have the power to uplift others and am blessed to have the qualities of empathy and kindness.
  11. I prefer to focus on the loving and supporting group of people around me, instead of the negative influences.
  12. I recognize my need to relax and take care of myself.
  13. What others think of me is not my concern. I trust and respect myself.
  14. I compete with my own self to grow and progress.

How to Utilize the Daily Motivational Affirmations in your Life

To benefit from these positive affirmations and make them your natural thinking pattern, follow these steps:

  • Affirmations must always be said in the present tense to make them effective.
  • Maintain a positive affirmation journal. Aside from using the listed affirmations, create your own as per your goals. Focus on one affirmation each for different aspects of your life.
  • Speak these affirmations to yourself out loud, preferably while standing in front of the mirror. Repeat them for five minutes at least twice a day.
  • Write down your affirmations and hang them in your room or stick them on your bathroom mirror. This way, you will repeat them in your head whenever you look at them.
  • Visualize the affirmation; think about how you will feel once those affirmations become true. Stick to that feeling and try altering your attitudes accordingly.

These positive affirmations for women can help you take a fresh start in life by embracing positive thinking and maintaining a positive mindset to achieve your goals. Be sure to repeat these statements to yourself every day and notice your life changing for the better.

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Written by Sarah White

Sara White is the author of PositiveAffirmationsly and she’s been using affirmations for many years. She’s an avid fan of affirmations and has written many pieces on the power of affirmations. She studies the power of affirmations and the Law of Attraction, and has helped many people understand why positive affirmations work, and how to use them.

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