59 Love Affirmations to Perk Up Your Love Life

love affirmations
love affirmations

Love is a force of nature that binds two people together. When you don’t have it, you search for it, and when you find it, more often than not – you can’t figure out what to do with it. People believe that love means giving your all and expecting nothing in return. However, this is not the right approach to love. If you don’t love yourself enough to expect the best, then you can’t love others genuinely. This is where love affirmations come into play.

Remember, no one can take away the love you cultivate for yourself within you. If you love yourself enough, eventually, you will end up with the people who you are meant to be with.

If you want to feel inspired and enriched with love, read below to find a collection of love affirmations to improve your life.

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Self Love Affirmations

Hope for love, pray for love, wish for love, dream for love…but don’t put your life on hold waiting for love.

― Mandy Hale

Self-love affirmation is the key to feeling better about yourself. You can only attract love if you feel positive about yourself. All of us have doubts and fears, and all of us feel lonely and rejected at some point in our lives.

Not everyone will stay with you forever; therefore it is important to practice self-love affirmations to feel complete within yourself.

Here are some powerful self-love affirmations:

  1. Wherever I go, love follows me.
  2. I am surrounded by love everywhere in every way.
  3. I deserve to be loved and respected.
  4. My heart feels open, and I radiate love.
  5. My heart fully approves of love.
  6. I am capable of infinite compassion and admiration.
  7. I feel pride in myself as I have everything I need.
  8. I’m a well-groomed and healthy person.
  9. I’m in complete control of my actions.
  10. I’m not judgmental of myself and other people.
  11. I’m at peace with my inner self.
  12. I thank myself for everything that I’ve accomplished in my life.
  13. I will keep going on even if things get tough.
  14. I deserve success in every walk of life.
  15. I’m grateful for the love I have around me.
  16. The universe has cocooned me with the energy of love.
  17. I spread love to people around me and receive love in return
  18. I welcome love with open arms.
  19. Happiness begins with me, and I have the power to create my own happiness.

Love Affirmations for a Specific Person

If you are trying to find that special someone in your life for love and romance, you need to affirm why you’re doing so.

  1. I only attract loving and caring people in my life.
  2. I’m so thankful for my partner and how much they love me.
  3. My love with my partner grows stronger every day.
  4. My relationship with my partner is honest and trustworthy.
  5. My partner is a reflection of me, and we are each other’s, soul mates.
  6. I leave m past relationships behind and look forward to the future.
  7. I love being in a relationship every day of my life.
  8. I love my partner for who they are and wouldn’t want to change anything about them.
  9. The more I desire someone, the more they are attracted to me.
  10. I attract affection and romance into my life with ease.
  11. My relationship with my partner is safe and fulfilling.
  12. I love the feeling of being in love.
  13. I trust the universe for finding me my perfect match.
  14. My soul mate is looking for me as I’m looking for them.
  15. My partner fills my heart with warmth.
  16. I’m deserving of the love that I receive from my partner.
  17. I attract healthy, sincere, and respectful individuals.
  18. My soul mate will come to me at the right time.

Affirmations for Marriage

A successful marriage can only be achieved if you first believe that you have a loving and healthy dynamic with your partner. Here are some affirmations that can instill a positive outlook for your marriage:

  1. My marriage grows stronger every day.
  2. My partner and I are continually growing together in a healthy way.
  3. My marriage is a happy and equal partnership between two trusting individuals.
  4. I’m ready for the sacredness and commitment of marriage.
  5. My partner and I honor and respect the feelings of each other.
  6. I’m open to giving and receiving in my marriage.
  7. My partner and I will stick together in the face of every adversity.
  8. My partner is supportive of my ideas, opinions, visions, and goals.
  9. I’m eternally grateful to have a partner like mine.
  10. My partner makes me feel secure and protected in our marriage.
  11. My partner is extremely loyal to me.
  12. My partner and I both have a happy marriage, and we complement each other.
  13. I have attracted the most loving and caring person in the world, and I feel complete.

Affirmations for Relationships

You can only have a deep and meaningful relationship with people around you, be it your parents, relatives, friends, or coworkers, if you feel content about them within yourself. To feel gratified in your relationships, you need to open yourself to these affirmations:

  1. I feel safe and loved in all my relationships.
  2. I feel profound empathy and love for everyone.
  3. I feel drawn to loving relationships.
  4. Every relation in my life respects me and surrounds me with positivity.
  5. All my interactions with my loved ones are harmonious.
  6. I always feel present and in the moment in all my relationships.
  7. All my relationships endearingly touch my heart.
  8. I expect great and healthy relationships with people, and thus, that’s what I receive.
  9. I bless and heal all the relationships in my life.
  10. I’m always connected to my relationships on an emotional level.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our collection of love affirmations. As long as you truly believe in these affirmations, nothing can stop you from creating a better version of yourself.

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Written by Sarah White

Sara White is the author of PositiveAffirmationsly and she’s been using affirmations for many years. She’s an avid fan of affirmations and has written many pieces on the power of affirmations. She studies the power of affirmations and the Law of Attraction, and has helped many people understand why positive affirmations work, and how to use them.

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