Best 20 Positive Affirmations For Money

Do you picture yourself having more than enough in the future? The ‘more than enough’ is exactly what positive affirmations for money will offer you when practiced. A right mentality will help you make wise choices and this is why using positive affirmations for money is important. Having a good attitude towards money is the only way you can get more.

The moment you start using positive affirmations for money, you’ll see some improvement in your financial status. In place of obstacles, you’ll see more opportunities. You will see every challenge as an opportunity. You will finally understand that no problem is unsolvable. Positive affirmations will also help in changing your mentality about money.

How positive affirmations for money can help turn your financial condition around

By now, you should believe that positive affirmations for money can change your financial status forever. The only thing that can make you to miss this golden opportunity is lack of awareness. However, I will be discussing how positive affirmations for money can change your life below:

  • Positive affirmations will erase any thought of poverty in your mind.
  • Positive affirmations make you to be open and receptive to wealth.
  • It will push you to take actions that will create constant wealth.
  • Using the right affirmative words for money will make you feel self-sufficient.
  • Positive affirmations for money will make you attract opportunities that create more money.

3 things to know before using positive affirmations for money

Know what you want

Human wants are insatiable and unlimited. However, you have to know what you want and when you want it. Think of the steps you can take to achieve this goal.

After you’ve set your heart on something, you need to know what it takes. There are many ways you can go to get what you want. Although sometimes, these steps may be overwhelming, just write them down and be affirmative.

Be affirmative about the steps you want to take

You need to turn your thoughts into affirmation. As you wake up every day, say these positive statements. If it’s possible, you can paste these statements everywhere. Seeing these statements in your kitchen, bathrooms, or work desk will help you.

Watch the changes

As you do this, you’ll notice some changes in the way you think. You’ll also find out that the people, the right circumstances and the situation will come to you. In no time, you’ll achieve what you’ve always wanted. However, you need to be patient and consistent. Sometimes, you may need to take action too. In essence, just make sure you’re doing everything possible to make the positive affirmations work.

Elements of positive affirmations for money

Positive affirmation for money is a wonderful tool that when used efficiently can effect change in your financial life. To put this tool into right use, you must have put some things into their right order. You must have a positive mindset, clear visualization of what you want, and the positive words of affirmation you want to choose must be concise. The basic elements of any positive affirmations are explained below:

They are not negative statements

The first thing affirmation does is removing bad thoughts. Studies have shown that positive affirmation is good for your mental health. Choose concise positive words and be ready to take action. By using the right positive affirmations for money, you might just be on the verge of changing your financial status forever.

The words must focus on what you need

To get what you desire, you have to be specific. The positive words of affirmation you choose must focus solely on money, since that is what you want. If you want to know more about how positive affirmations work, you can check our blog for more information. Don’t forget that information is power. Seeking information from the right source also gives you the master key.

The affirmative words must be concise

What’s the essence of writing positive affirmations that are too complex to read? You should go for short and precise phrases. In this way, you can easily remember them and quote them when the need arises. To achieve optimal result, you can consider going for manifestation courses. However, I would recommend that you go for the Biorhytm. By doing this, you can be sure of getting the desired result within a very short time.

20 Positive affirmations for money

Positive affirmations work when you take the right action. Below are the best 20 positive affirmations you can use for money:

  1. I don’t struggle with finance.
  2. Whenever I need money, it comes.
  3. I remove all obstacles preventing my cash flow.
  4. I have more than enough.
  5. Money comes to me easily.
  6. Money will never be my problem.
  7. My income is more than my expenses.
  8. My wages are paid in full.
  9. I know how to grow and spend money.
  10. My income continues to grow.
  11. I live the life I’ve always desired.
  12. Money will always meet money in my account.
  13. My bank account never dries up.
  14. The money I spend or give out comes back to me tenfold.
  15. I’m worthy of all the blessings I receive.
  16. I have the power to create wealth.
  17. I have enough money to clear my debt.
  18. I have more than enough to take care of myself and my family.
  19. I move from a place of lack to a place of abundance.
  20. I have all I need.


Knowing how to attract money is very important. The sooner you start practicing the more results you’ll notice. Recite your affirmations in the morning after waking up, while taking a walk or during lunch, and in the night before going to bed. Sometimes, it will take time before you see results but you will. I hope that you’ll start taking action.

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Written by Sarah White

Sara White is the author of PositiveAffirmationsly and she’s been using affirmations for many years. She’s an avid fan of affirmations and has written many pieces on the power of affirmations. She studies the power of affirmations and the Law of Attraction, and has helped many people understand why positive affirmations work, and how to use them.

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