40 Positive Affirmations For Pregnancy

As a woman, pregnancy is one of the beautiful things you experience as an adult. It is a representation of life; a testament to all the work nature must do in your body. Pregnancy is a time of wonder, joy, and beauty.

Although your body goes through many changes during pregnancy, and several hormones are thrown into the mix. Your mood swings also become more frequent and your taste in food changes as your body prepares itself to bring forth new life.

However, saying positive affirmations during pregnancy is one of the ways of dealing with all the stress and anxiety that may accompany this beautiful time. It keeps you focused on the positives, even when your mood changes or you feel differently about your body. Positive affirmations for pregnancy will remind you that your body is doing a beautiful job – a natural and noble thing – and you deserve to glow and be happy while nature is doing its work.

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You might be skeptical, but Positive Affirmations for Pregnancy actually work. Just like other positive affirmations, you might have to put some things into order before it starts to prove efficient. Without any frustration or undue stress, I have listed positive affirmations that will help you during pregnancy.

Positive Affirmations to Help You Come to Terms with Your Pregnancy

Some pregnancies happen as pleasant surprises or pleasant shocks, maybe you were not expecting the news. As a result, you may need to make a lot of changes that you didn’t plan for.

The below listed positive affirmations for pregnancy will help you come to terms with your pregnancy:

  1. I cherish and adore the gift of pregnancy, life, and motherhood.
  2. I am blessed to be able to have this baby growing inside me.
  3. I am courageous, confident, and resilient enough to face this pregnancy.
  4. I know this is the right time for my baby to come to the world and bless my family.
  5. My baby is developing normally and will be born healthy, and at the perfect time.
  6. I am proud of myself for carrying, nurturing, and sustaining life within me.
  7. My job during pregnancy and childbirth is to simply relax, stay centered, serene, and balanced, and to allow my baby’s birth to happen.
  8. My life will be better because my baby will be in it.
  9. I welcome motherhood with grace, gratitude, and a warm heart filled with love.
  10. I will only see the beauty and joy in this process, to enjoy this precious time with my baby, and to be empowered by all it brings.

Positive Affirmations to Help You Deal With Body Changes During Pregnancy

The process of pregnancy means the growth of new life, of a new human being. As a result, your body will change to accommodate them. However, you may find it difficult to adjust to the effects of these bodily changes; which is why I have compiled this list for you:

  1. I am joyous and excited about my pregnancy and I’m looking forward to a calm, quiet, and beautiful birth.
  2. My pregnant body is beautiful.
  3. I welcome the changes in my body.
  4. My baby and I are healthy and strong.
  5. My body can nourish and grow my baby.
  6. My body is perfectly equipped to give birth.
  7. My baby is in the perfect position to come into this world efficiently and smoothly.
  8. I let go of my worries and allow my body to do its job.
  9. I honor and embrace the changes in my beautiful pregnant body as it shifts to accommodate this baby.
  10. I choose to enjoy every second of this journey of pregnancy, even on difficult days.

Positive Affirmations to Keep You Feeling Positive about Parenthood

As your pregnancy grows, you may start doubting your ability to take proper care of your baby without “messing it up”. As a result, I have compiled a list of positive affirmations for pregnancy that will help you silence unwarranted doubts:

  1. I am strong, focused, and determined to meet my baby’s needs.
  2. My body will accept this baby and protect it.
  3. I am ready and prepared for a safe, beautiful, and effortless birthing experience.
  4. I will make the best possible decisions for my pregnancy and my baby’s birth.
  5. I was divinely chosen and to be the mother of this child and I am good enough.
  6. I will protect myself and my baby by allowing only positive thoughts and words about pregnancy and childbirth.
  7. I am aware of my needs and I intuitively know the needs of my baby.
  8. I will endure all that comes my way.
  9. I release the discomfort of pregnancy. I concentrate on the joy of meeting my child.
  10. I have the strength to handle the pain and delivery and everything that comes after. It is going to be alright. I will welcome my baby into the world with open arms.

Positive Affirmations to Help You Connect With Your Unborn Baby

Do you know you can manifest what you want in life? If you want to know more about how it works, I would advise that you go for the best manifestation courses out there. However, many expectant parents worry when they have not been able to feel parental urges towards their unborn baby. I have put together this list of positive pregnancy affirmations to help you with that:

  1. I am a powerful, loving, and creative being.
  2. My baby feels my love.
  3. My baby and I are working together to prepare for birth, and we are both grateful for this powerful experience.
  4. I will cherish every little toe, finger, bone, and facial expression of my baby.
  5. My love for my baby will grow every day just like my baby will.
  6. My baby is safe and adored.
  7. I trust my body to provide what my baby needs.
  8. I accept and love my baby wholly and completely.
  9. My heart knows what my baby needs.
  10. I love my baby. I will watch and stay happy as my baby grows.


You can say positive affirmations for pregnancy early in the morning and as often as possible during the day. No matter how uncomfortable your pregnancy makes you feel, you will be able to get through it with the power of positive thinking and affirmations. And when the doubts occur, slam each one down with a positive affirmation for pregnancy.

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Written by Sarah White

Sara White is the author of PositiveAffirmationsly and she’s been using affirmations for many years. She’s an avid fan of affirmations and has written many pieces on the power of affirmations. She studies the power of affirmations and the Law of Attraction, and has helped many people understand why positive affirmations work, and how to use them.

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