22 Best Positive Affirmations For Healing: How To Go About It

Positive affirmations for healing works when you create an atmosphere that will help the process. As humans, we get hurt from time to time. In return, you must possess the innate ability to get healed after being hurt. However, healing is not always easy or simple. You must be ready to take action.

Positive affirmations for healing always serves as a catalyst that will speed up your healing process. Healing is not needed by your body only, your mind and soul also need to be healed.

Understanding how you can heal yourself with affirmative words gives you an advantage over others who don’t. However, I will be discussing how you can heal yourself using positive affirmations in this article.

2 things to do if you want positive affirmations for healing to work for you

One thing leads to another. Positive affirmations for healing actually work, but not by magic. If you want to know more about positive affirmations, then I would implore you to seek information from a genuine source. There are two things you should put in order if you want to get the desired results from positive affirmations for healing. They are:

  • Create a healing atmosphere

Positive affirmation work by creating a positive mindset. The first thing to do if you want affirmations for healing to work for you is to create a healing atmosphere. In other words, find an area where you can get psychological comfort. Your mind is quick to adapt to areas which have the best psychological comfort.

Therefore, creating a healing atmosphere will make you feel comfortable. As a result, you will feel safe, and that’s your very first stage of recovery. You can also add a few elements that spark your interest to your chosen environment. They would all allow you to be focused on getting healed. Hence, making positive affirmations for healing more efficient and easier.

  • Try to forget about what/who hurt you

Let go of the old wounds. Make peace with yourself and focus on getting healed. The road to healing begins when you forgive yourself and those that hurt you. You can even manifest what you want in life during the process. Since healing is a renewal process, it can’t be rushed. Therefore, give yourself time to heal because you deserve it! Indeed, time heals, but there are some manifestation courses that will help hasten the process. Below are some affirmative words you can say to aid this process:

  • I give myself permission to heal.
  • I am willing to forgive myself.
  • I set myself and others free by forgiving them.
  • I let go of my pain.
  • I am willing to see things differently.
  • I forgive the people that hurt me because it feels better to love.
  • I release the past and make sure that everything is happening for my own good.
  • I admit my unresolved feelings with patience and self-reflection.
  • I allow other people’s perspective to deepen my understanding and love for them.


You don’t need to fight or hate yourself. Also, you don’t have any reason to give up on anything. Try the below positive affirmations for healing instead. With time, you will notice that you are feeling better. The way you talk to yourself, treat yourself, can change everything. There is healing available for you, but you must make yourself available too. All you need to get healed might be words of affirmation.

  • Affirmation for self-healing

  1. I choose to be healed.
  2. I am open to all the ways my body can be healed.
  3. Every time I think about healing, my body responds well.
  4. I welcome all the things, events, and circumstances that will help me grow.
  5. I love taking care of myself.
  6. I tune in to my body and give it what it needs to take me back to ideal well-being.
  7. My health and healing matter. I deserve a life that feels good to live.
  • Affirmation to heal sadness

  1. Sadness is too costly, I can’t afford it.
  2. What I passed through does not define who I am.
  3. It is just an idea, it can still be reversed.
  4. I see my emotions as the stepping stone to my healing.
  5. I can make it through this too.
  • Affirmations to heal anger

  1. I presently make a brilliant new relationship. I decide to open up and let the adoration in.
  2. In my anger, I create space to heal myself.
  3. I am strong, independent, and respect my boundaries.
  4. I know when to say NO.
  5. I can be tranquil in every situation.
  • Affirmation to forgive others

  1. I am ready to forgive anyone who has caused me emotional pain.
  2. I am ready to release the stories in my head and forgive people who hurt me.
  3. As I travel through the layers of others’ feelings and convictions, I see inside myself a glorious, savvy, and excellent being.
  4. This day is filled with great surprises, I energetically anticipate every second I spend with my loved ones.
  5. I am a divine articulation of life, and I merit the best. I love the people around me.

The above positive affirmations work. You can heal yourself by saying those words in the morning after you wake up, while taking a walk or during lunch, and in the night before you sleep.


Even if you are already caught up in a reality which does not help you heal, these affirmations for healing will help drive you to get healed within a short time. Healing becomes effective if you position your body to receive it. Stay positive and enjoy the bliss of saying these words of affirmation as you get healed.

Thank you for reading!

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Written by Sarah White

Sara White is the author of PositiveAffirmationsly and she’s been using affirmations for many years. She’s an avid fan of affirmations and has written many pieces on the power of affirmations. She studies the power of affirmations and the Law of Attraction, and has helped many people understand why positive affirmations work, and how to use them.

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